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The Wylye Valley Kanter is normally held at the beginning of April, or end of March, depending on the date of Easter.  The walk is unusual in that the routes are defined by Grid References which are forwarded to pre entries before the event enabling the route to be pre-plotted.  The points may then be visited in any order, giving a choice of routes, 10/20/30 or 40kms [6/12/19/25 miles] to be followed.

2016 Event

Compared to last years wet and windy day for the event this time we had a fairly balmy day but even so not quite the sweltering day predicted but excellent walking weather and even the promised rain towards the late afternoon didn’t materialise.

A straightforward route didn’t pose too many problems sorting out which way to go and by now most walkers can find there way onto the main tracks through Groveley Woods.  The routes hadn’t gone alongside the river for a few years and provided a pleasant walk across the fields with the added attraction, for a few, of passing the Pelican Inn which meant a prolonged stop.

The questions, just a light hearted method of ensuring the right route is followed, didn’t present too many problems.  Again the oldies had the advantage at the usual Breadstone question at the church trying to calculate how many old pennies to take away from a decimal amount for the answer. Even Mr Goggle had to be consulted by some people to convert the figures - something the organisers probably hadn’t considered. Most of the questions were straightforward but, as normal, there is usually a bit of discrepancies trying to count things like rusty chainlinks.  With the questions only being defined by 10 fig Grid References it does leave a bit of choice when selecting the correct posts at times but as is normal on the event nobody was too worried about the correctness of the answers and nobody was sent back out to check their figures!

We look forward to welcoming you all back next year.

Please check the site later for details of the 2017 event.

2016 Kanter