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The majority of our walks are organised as club walks and divided into three Series.  The Winter Series and Wessex Series are held on Sunday mornings, normally with a choice of 10 and 20km [6 and 12 miles] routes.  We usually start from a village hall where we have refreshments, and free drinks, at the finish.  Starting times for these walks are from 0900 and we aim to finish by 1400.

The Summer Series is held on Saturday evenings, starting from 1700, and with a 10km [6 mile] route, normally starting from a pub.  Entry fee for our Series walks is £1.

All our walks are strictly non competitive, our only constraint being that we normally only hire the halls until 1400 so trust walkers will be back by then!  Series walks are designed so that they may be completed at your own pace.  We do not all go out together in one big group but each walker has a copy of the route and is able to start at any time and walk at their own speed.  This has the advantage that quicker walkers are not held up by a slower pace, and vice-versa.  It does not mean that walkers go off by themselves as there is always a group that will walk at your own pace.  Average attendance at our Series walks is usually between 20-40 walkers.  We normally have an award for walkers completing the Series walks.  At the moment an award is given for completing 5 out of the 7 walks on both the Winter and Series walks and for completing 7 out of the 9 Wessex walks.

We organise three major events which attract walkers from all over the country.  The Stonehenge Stomp and Woodhenge Womble weekend is firmly established in the walking calendar as being one of the first walks of the year.  It is normally held on the last weekend in January from Amesbury Sports Centre.  The Wylye Valley Kanter is held at the end of March or beginning of April depending on Easter from South Newton Village Hall, near Wilton.  This walk is unusual in that the routes are defined by grid references and allows walkers to plan and choose their own particular route.  The Amesbury Amble is held early/mid October and again starts from Amesbury Sports Centre.

We also administer several Permanent Walks of various distances, organised by club members in different parts of the country.  

All our walks qualify for the IVV awards scheme, more details can be found by following link from our ABOUT US page and going to the British Walking Federation page.

Full details of our Programme and events, along with route descriptions for the Permanent Trails, may be found by following links from the WALK button.

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