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BWF PT No: 244 - 12km

Walk Organisers: Rene and David Pilbeam, 172 Salisbury Road, Totton, Hants, SO40 3LQ.

Tel: 02380 863338, Email: renepilbeam@yahoo.co.uk

Walk Fee: £1.00. Embroidered badge available £2.

Start: Crosshouse Long Stay Pay & Display Car Park, SO14 5GZ [GR Map OL22  431113]. Alternative starting at places highlighted in red.

Route Directions

With the Itchen Road Bridge on the left exit car park along Crosshouse Road, past BTC Rowing Club.  Cross main road and continue ahead to the underpasses.  Turn left through the underpass then turn left again into Albert Road South continuing to end.  Turn right and cross Canute Road, turn left into Channel Way.  Follow round to enter OCEAN VILLAGE MARINA through gateway on your right.  Pass the SOUTHAMPTON ROYAL YACHT CLUB to follow Marina to Cineworld.  Turn right to FERRY HOUSE.

Q1. On 1914-18 Plaque what name has initals E F?

Turn left into Canute Road, continuing ahead.  At entrance to Dock Gate 4 cross at Pelican crossing and enter park.  At cross paths turn left to Monument.  From behind the Monument take the left hand path.  Cross at Pelican crossing and continue past the ‘WORLDS OLDEST BOWLING GREEN’. Circa 1299.  Continue ahead and go left of God’s House Tower.  Past the Platform Tavern and continue to traffic lights. Cross over into TOWN QUAY past the Red Funnel Terminal on right.

Stroll along TOWN QUAY and through the Hythe Ferry Terminal pausing to view Southampton’s Ocean Terminal to the left.  Continue around end of terminal then walk back along pavement back to the Pelican crossing at main road. Cross back to other side and turn left.  Continue ahead crossing over end of High Street  turn right and immediately left into Porters Lane.

Continue ahead past The Old Wool House and turn right into Bugle Street.  Past SOUTHAMPTON REGISTERY OFFICE and the DUKE of WELLINGTON PH continuing ahead to The Tudor House Museum and Cafe.  Opposite TUDOR HOUSE is St MICHAEL’S CHURCH.

Q2.  What has a good view from the top of St Michael’s Church Spire?

Go to the right of the Church into Castle Way and turn right.  At the MEDIEVAL MERCHANT’S HOUSE cross over road and walk through paved area between flats to end.  Turn right into High Street and cross at Pelican crossing.  Turn right and go straight on. You are now on the last part of the QE2 Mile. In the pavement you will find metal plaques giving an insight into Southampton’s history, there will be more later. Follow the plaques to end of High Street.

Turn right back over High Street and this time go left of the Old Walls of WATERGHATE and TOWN QUAY  Follow main road in front of the two restaurants.  Cross over end of French Street and with KUTI’S ROYAL THAI PIER on left cross over Bugle Street.  After the white Solent House take steps up Cuckoo Lane.  Turn right up slope to enter small park.  With the MAYFLOWER MEMORIAL to the left, walk straight on until you cross concrete bridge and along walkway overlooking MAYFLOWER PARK.  Descend steps and continue ahead to pass WESTGATE HALL and turn left through arch.

Turn right and take second turning right into Simnel Street.  At top facing THE TITANIC PH turn left into Upper Bugle Street.  After 50m take a look at beautiful mural on wall in Hamtun Street. Continue along Upper Bugle Street to Castle Street.  After the JUNIPER BERRY PH turn left into Cement Terrace and right through gate in railings.*  [If gate is locked, go back past Public House, keeping left, and turn left into Maddison Street, thru arch into car park to find the ‘Walk the Walls’ sign]

*At end, opposite Masonic Hall, follow the ‘WALK THE WALLS’ sign straight on, past the CATCHCOLD TOWER, to climb the metal steps. Walk along the top of the old walls, descend steps at other end and turn left into street. Turn right and cross main road and then turn left.  Continue ahead to main road and cross to WEST QUAY CENTRE.

Follow walkway around to left of M&S to reach and cross the second raised walkway over to car park. Descend stairwell, behind pay machine on right, to Level 1 and exit left.

Follow pavement past all the shops on left and NATIONAL EXPRESS COACH STATION on right to the second Pelican crossing opposite Toys R Us.  Cross and enter their car park, following path to exit left of Toys R Us building.  Cross Pelican crossing and ascend steps to SOUTHAMPTON CENTRAL RAIL STATION.

At bottom, ahead a few steps and enter small park on right.  Follow path to end and exit park. Turn right and bear right up Kingsbridge Lane to City Centre. At top turn left in front of BBC Radio Station to traffic lights. Cross over to Clock Tower side and carry straight on along path to pass the new Titanic Museum. [Well worth a visit.] Go straight on to the Fountain outside the City Art Museum and Library.

Q3. Which War brought 4,000 Refugee children to Southampton?

From the Fountain continue ahead and turn right into West Marlands Road to visit GUILDHALL SQUARE.  Retrace steps back to Fountain and cross into WATTS PARK, heading for the statue of Isaac Watts.  Take the right hand path to the WAR MEMORIAL.

Cross over main road in front of WAR MEMORIAL and turn left to the OLD TITANIC MEMORIAL.  Enter ANDREWS WEST PARK and take path into rockery garden ahead left.  Exit garden towards the QUEENS PEACE FOUNTAIN.  From the tranquil waters of the fountain follow the path straight through the parks, past tennis courts, crazy golf and cafe.  Straight on, crossing two roads, to end of park by the WILLIAM CHAMBERLAYNE GIFT MEMORIAL.

Exit park, cross straight over ‘Hanover Buildings’ and turn right.  Walk ahead to top and turn left to find the historic SOUTHAMPTON CITY BARGATE.  All the Kings and Queens of England including Queen Elizabeth II have passed through the arch of the Bargate.   Go through archway, you are now back on the QE2 mile. Notice more descriptive plaques in the pavement along your way.  Continue ahead passing the STAR HOTEL.

Q4. How many hours for the journey to London?

Carry on to the HOLYROOD CHURCH 1320, restored in 1957 as a memorial to Merchant Navy Seafarers.

Outside is the 13 ton anchor from the QE2, gifted back to Southampton by The Dubai Royal Family and Cunard.

Continue ahead along the QE2 Mile.  Cross over Bernard Street to turn next left into Briton Street.  After 150m cross and take the walkway to the left of Friary House, known as Back of the Walls, continuing to end.  Turn left through archway after MUSEUM OF ARCHAEOLOGY and retrace your steps back around Old Bowling Green, along Orchard Place, cross Briton Street and straight on.  Turn right into Oxford Street and continue straight.  Towards the end and on your right …………

Q5.  What ship is sailing below the white Star Line flag?

Continue along Oxford Street to the London Hotel on left, turn left into Terminus Terrace.  Ahead, cross Bernard Street and continue to second set of No Entry signs and cross to other side.  Continue right to end and cross straight over WITH CARE.

Turn right to Chantry Footbridge over the railway and ahead to enter Basepoint Business Centre.  Ahead through underpass, up slope by Cycle Route 2 sign.  Straight on over Canute Road and follow Crosshouse Road back to car park.

Well done! We hope you enjoyed your walk and visit to Southampton. Please come again.

[NB When walked in Spring and Summer this walk is brightened by all the flowers in the parks!]

Route updated  09 August 2018