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BWF PT No 284 - 10km

Walk Organiser: John Blyth, 25 Blackcross Road, Amesbury, Salisbury, Wilts, SP4 7XH. Tel: 01980-590565, or 07804 918239.

Walk Fee: £1.00

Start: White Swan Public House, 1 North Quay, Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, NR30 1PU [Map reference: TG 522082]

Public Transport: Vauxhall Railway Station, Acle New Rd, Great Yarmouth NR30 1SD – Leave Station by front exit. Bear Right across main carpark to reach pedestrian crossing. Cross the road at the pedestrian crossing and pass through a smaller car park to reach a footbridge over the River Bure. Follow the footpath until it joins the T-Junction at Lime Kiln Walk. Turn left and follow Lime Kiln walk until it meets North Quay. Turn right onto North Quay and follow the route below to reach Hall Quay beside the Haven Bridge

Route Directions

Leave the pub car park and head towards the river wall. At the wall, turn left and follow the pavement to the underpass on your left. Exit the underpass and take the next right to pass through the second underpass and follow Fullers Hill towards the roundabout. At the roundabout, turn left on to North Quay passing Aldi on your left. Continue to follow the North Quay passing Brewery Street. Just before the Conge on your left, use the pedestrian crossing to cross to the other side of the road. Turn left and continue in the same direction. until you reach Hall Quay beside the Haven Bridge. Cross to the other side of the road using the pedestrian crossing keeping the river on your right. Walk along the Historic South Quay with the river on your right. The harbour was a WW1 submarine base. (See Note 1). Proceed to the Historic South Quay. On the right-hand side is a boat called the Lydia Eva.

Q1. There is a sign where you would board the boat. Who was the owner?

At the pedestrian crossing adjacent to Yarmouth Way, cross the road and walk up Yarmouth Way towards St Georges Theatre at the top.  At the junction with Kings Street, continue ahead over the junction to pass the Christchurch on your left. The road now becomes Alexandra Road. Cross Dene Side and follow Alexandra Road heading in the same direction towards St Georges Park. Enter the park and walk through St Georges Park beside Trafalgar Road on your right. The war memorial is on your left (See Note 1).

Q2. How many steps form the base of the War Memorial?

Exit St George’s Park in the top right-hand corner and use the pedestrian crossing to cross Nelson Road Central. Turn right and then take the 1st left along Trafalgar Road heading in the same direction.

Turn right at the end of Trafalgar Road onto Marine Parade with the Gold Rush Amusement Arcade on the corner. Stay on Marine Parade.  Opposite the Marina Centre is the Tourist Information Office which is on the corner of Marine Parade and Edinburgh Place. On the wall of the Tourist Information Office are two blue plaques.

Q3. What date did the HMS Lutine sail from the Yarmouth Roads?

Continue to proceed in the same direction. (See Note 1). Marine Parade becomes South Beach Parade after Waterloo Road on your right. (See Note 1). Continue to follow South Beach Parade heading in the same direction passing: The Sea Life Centre, Wellington Pier, Merrivale Model Village, and the Great Yarmouth Pleasure Beach. The sea and the beach remain on your left-hand side until you pass Great Yarmouth Power Station on your right. At this point you cannot proceed any further because you have reached the new outer harbour. Beyond this point was a Naval Air Station which during WW1 housed aircraft designed to shoot down Zeppelins (See Note 1). After passing the power station, turn right into Hartmann Road and follow it to the T-Junction with South Denes Road. Turn right along South Denes Road until you reach Admiralty Road on the right. Turn right and follow Admiralty Road round to the left. Cross Beevor Road on the right and then take the next right into Monument Road until you reach the Nelson Monument. (See Note 1). Walk either way around the monument until you are on the seaward side of the monument. Turn around to face the monument. There is a blue plaque on the wall.

Q4. What appointment was given to James Sharman who served with Nelson at Trafalgar?

From the monument, retrace your steps until you reach the T-Junction with Admiralty Road. At the T-Junction, turn right and follow Admiralty Road. Continue along Admiralty Road ignoring all other side roads. After passing the Peggotty Road Community Centre on your right, turn right into Peggotty Road. Walk along Peggotty Road passing first, Copperfield Avenue and then Micawber Avenue until you reach the T-Junction with Harbord Crescent. At the T-Junction, turn left and walk along Harbord Crescent until you reach the T-Junction with South Beach Parade.  At the Junction turn left and follow South Beach Parade until you reach the junction with Dickens Avenue on your left. Turn left into Dickens Avenue. Pass the houses on the right and the entrance to Frank Stone Court carpark. There will now be a high wall on your right. After approx. 10 metres, you will come to an opening in the wall. Turn right at the opening and walk along the pathway with the wall on your left. At the first set of steps go up the steps on to the bank on your right. Walk along the bank in the same direction. You can see the old Admiralty Building over the wall. (See Note 1). Walk along the bank and then re-join the path on your left when ready. Follow the footpath until it reaches Queen’s Road. At the road, turn left. Head in the same direction until you reach the crossroads at the traffic lights. Cross over the road at the pedestrian crossing and turn right into Camden Road. Proceed along Camden Road and continue in the same direction on to Blackfriars Road. (See Note 1). Proceed along Blackfriars Road heading in the same direction passing the Great Yarmouth Potteries on the left.  At the crossroads with Alma Road, continue to follow Blackfriars Road with the town wall on your left and you will pass the Time and Tide Museum on your right. At the staggered crossroads where you join St Peter’s Road, cross the road into St Peter’s Plain. Proceed across the crossroads with Lancaster Road and stay on St Peter’s Plain.

Q5. What does the Blue Plaque at Number 25 Pier Plain Commemorate?

Proceed to the crossroads with York Road and turn left. Pass the SeaChange Arts Centre on the right. Stay on York Road until you reach the T-junction. Turn right into King Street. Follow King Street in the same direction ignoring all side roads passing Liberty’s PH. Pass Regent Road on the right and Regent Street on the left until you reach the main shopping area and the market place on your right. Cross the market place with shops on both sides heading in the same direction until you reach the end of the covered market place. Then walk across the carpark. Bear slightly right across the carpark and proceed through the bollards directly in front of you. Cross the top of St Nicholas Road and head towards the Fisherman’s Hospital on the right (See Note 1).  With the hospital on the right, pass through the bollards and bear left. Proceed to the pedestrian crossing in front of you and use the pedestrian crossings to cross Fullers Hill heading towards the Great Yarmouth Minster. Pass the Anna Sewell House and Team rooms on your right on Whitehorse Plain. To the left of the Anna Sewell house across the passage is the Old Vicarage.

Q6. When did Sir Astley Cooper live in the house?

Walk towards the Minster and enter the churchyard via the gates. With the Minster now in front of you, follow the path that takes you to the right-hand side of the Minster in to the cemetery. There are some CWGC graves in the cemetery. Follow the main path through the cemetery ignoring any other paths off to the left or right until you reach Kitchener Road. Heading in the same direction, cross Kitchener Road and enter the next cemetery. Follow the main path through the cemetery passing the building on your right. At the grass covered roundabout, turn right and follow the path to leave the cemetery where it joins North Denes Road. Turn left on to North Denes Road with the wall of the cemetery on your left. At the corner of the wall, take the first left in to Estcourt Road. Proceed along Estcourt Road until you reach the T-Junction with Northgate Street. Turn left in to Northgate Street. Walk along Northgate Street until you reach the mini roundabout with the Coach and Horses PH on the left-hand side. Proceed in the same direction. Just after the Kings Arms PH on the left, cross the road by the park railings towards the post-box and Northgate Fish. Turn left and proceed in the same direction as before. Crossover Whitehorse Plain and continue to proceed along Northgate Street until you reach the T-Junction with Fullers Hill. At the T-Junction, turn right and proceed to follow Fullers Hill to reach the underpass. Enter the underpass and exit for North Quay. Turn right and make your way back to the carpark at the White Swan PH. Turn left along North Quay to return to the Railway Station via Lime Kiln Road.

Note 1: If you require more information about the history, please contact the route organiser at john.blyth7@ntlworld.com who can send you an extended version.

Route update 1January 2018