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Last year’s event was in danger of being curtailed by a week of snow and ice but this time rain and potential flooding tested the organisers resources in the days leading up to the weekend.  Mid week a decision was made to avoid a stretch on the 30/40km routes from Springbottom Farm to Lake, both places obviously named for a reason.  Unfortunately this entailed a bit of road walking although traffic  was very light on the country lane.  A last minute decision was made to include a loop around the fields not far from the start which was originally bypassed - muddy but walkable.

The 10km Womble on the Saturday started in the dry and most managed to complete it without getting too wet. A few at the back caught the heavy squalls of rain and very strong winds as they neared the finish.

The weather forecast for Sunday was for heavy rain between 0800 and lunchtime and this time certainly was accurate. Rain started just as the long distance walkers set off and became of biblical proportions during the morning! Certainly the worst conditions in the 26 years of organising this event. Undaunted just over 350 hardy souls set off with many understandably dropping down a distance as they went round.

Special mention must be made of the checkpoint marshals who endured the worst of the conditions.

So for the 26th year of the event we were unbeaten by the weather - just!  A bit of a risk putting on something at this time of the year but, once again, all went to plan.

For those that came - well done and hope to see you all next year.

The Stomp weekend is normally held on the last complete weekend in January. The Woodhenge Womble, 10kms [6 miles] takes place on Saturday afternoon and the Stonehenge Stomp, on the Sunday, has a choice of 10/20/30 or 40km [5/12/19/25 mile] routes


Please check back later for details of the 2015 event.

2014 Stomp